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Join us for an exciting weekend of dancing at Sahara 2023! Take the opportunity to learn from the amazing 3rd in the world Professional Latin American dancers Massimo Arcolin and Laura Zmajkovičová and to be mesmerised and inspired by their performance.

SAHARA Day & Night Programme

SAHARA List of Competitors & Competitor Number

Competitors can collect their number tags from the studio from 10th March, Friday at the following times:

(1) 10th March, Friday, 9.30pm to 11pm
(2) 11th March, Saturday 12pm to 6pm
(3) 12th March, Sunday 12pm to 4pm

Please note that a $10 cash deposit is required for collection of number tags. It would be returned to you upon return of number tags at the door when you leave the venue.


(1) Competitor Camp with Invited Professionals Massimo & Laura (10, 11 & 12 Jan 2023)

(2) Sahara Gala Night of Performances & Dancing (11 Jan 2023)

(3) Sahara Competition (12 Jan 2023)

Please submit your registration for gala (11 Mar) and competition night (12 Mar) tickets in the “SAHARA 2023” form below!

Competitor Entries are now closed.

Any entries submitted late will be considered on a case by case basis, and subjected to late fee of $50 per entry.

Our Esteemed Panel of Adjudicators

More info in the pages below:

SAHARA 2023 Registration & Ticket Form

Welcome to SAHARA 2023! 10, 11 & 12 Mar 2023 Friday to Sunday Venue: Ballroom Dance Academy Singapore Please provide us with your name, contact and other details for us to get in contact with you to confirm your registration
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SAHARA 2023 Competitor Entry Form

SAHARA 2023 Competitor Entry
SAHARA 2023 Competition (12 Mar 2023, Sunday) This form is for you to submit your event entries.
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